Know Your Numbers

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If you don’t know your can you truly understand your business?
You’ve got a great small business, start-up or side hustle and you know how to do everything… but the books.
This book will help with that.

In Know Your Numbers, Zoe Whitman, accountant and award-winning bookkeeper, talks you through the bookkeeping basics. Using simple examples she’ll put you at ease about your finances in her friendly, jargon-free way.
You’ll learn:

  • Why finance can seem overwhelming and how to take the emotion out of it
  • What to consider when you’re setting up your business
  • How to deal with your bag of receipts
  • How to set up a regular monthly bookkeeping process
  • How to set budgets, forecasts and KPIs to get even more
  • out of your data
  • How to create useful financial reports and understand them

If the idea of bookkeeping is putting you off starting your own business, if you’re keeping all of your receipts in a carrier bag, or if you’re ready to understand your finances better, this book is for you.

I'm on a mission to get 1,000,000 children out of poverty by teaching their parents to run profitable businesses. This book is my gift to you.

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Last updated Mar 16, 2024

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Know Your Numbers

0 ratings
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